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Want a Perfect Elevator Pitch? Just Fill in the Blanks

Elevator Pitch Sentence Structure For <Target Customer>, who has <Customer Need>, <Product Name> is a <Market Category> that <One Key Benefit>, unlike <Competition>, the product <Unique Differentiator>. Want a Perfect Elevator Pitch? Just Fill in the Blanks |

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Node.js – High Scalability

Why LinkedIn moved from RAILS to Node.js? Read following articles: High Scalability – High Scalability – LinkedIn Moved from Rails to Node: 27 Servers Cut and Up to 20x Faster.

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Airline teletype system

The airline industry began using teletypewriter technology in the early 1920s using radio stations located at 10 airfields in the United States. In 1949, the Société Internationale de Télécommunication Aeronautique (SITA) was formed as a cooperative by 11 airlines: Air France, KLM, Sabena, Swissair, TWA, British European Airways, British

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Mongo DB Bulk Load

0.2 millions rows from CSV file (~73 MB) imported into MongoDB in 4.607 seconds… Command to import into mongodb is as follows – refer Tech Explosion…!!!: Mongo DB Bulk Load. for more details: ~~~ The command takes the following form:

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Javassist – Load time reflective system for Java

Javassist – from JBoss Community. Key Features: 1. Class library for editing bytecodes in Java 2. Define a new class at runtime and to modify a class file before the JVM loads it 3. Source Level abstraction – programmers can

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AWS – Provision Up to 4,000 IOPS per EBS Volume

AWS – Provision Up to 4,000 IOPS per EBS Volume. Key Concepts: 1. IOPS (input/output operations per second) is the standard unit of measurement for the maximum number of reads and writes to non-contiguous storage locations – IOPS is pronounced

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National Archives has gone Google

Official Enterprise Blog: The National Archives has gone Google. Key Highlights: 1. This is UNISYS’s fourth major migration to Google Apps for Federal Government – a 4500 seat migration for National Archives and Record Management 2. Natioanl Archives and Record

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