Business Landscape of Cloud Computing

Business Landscape of Cloud Computing from Financial Times, Gartner Inc.

Quote” The notion of cloud brokerage is one that business users almost can’t get away from if they want to achieve many of the benefits it has got to give, he says. To give some indication of the potential market size the IT services market was worth $987bn in 2011.. If only 10 per cent of that business is moving into the cloud, a figure that Mr Plummer considers a fairly conservative estimate, that is still $98bn.

If you are a CIO and you’re not promoting your organisation as a cloud brokerage inside your company
you’re courting disaster

The landscape of cloud computing is wide and the roots of its trees go deep. As it continues to grow, cloud computing’s impact will touch every aspect of IT life. With a market approaching $200 billion in overall size and perhaps trillions in IT-related spend in play, getting cloud computing right will be one of the most important issues for enterprises, vendors, brokers, and service providers alike. But, in the end, it all comes down to people and the outcomes they can gain from cloud computing. Will it be safe for them? Will the opportunities become realities that make the risks worthwhile? These are the questions that will play in the minds of us all for some time to come.”

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