BitLocker Drive Encryption Overview

BitLocker Drive Encryption Overview.

Dell E6430 comes with a “Trusted Platform Module (TPM) v 2.0” hardward component which when enabled with BitLocker, the security of data stored in the hard disk is enhanced – key features are:

1. Data is Encrypted using 128-bit or 256 bit AES Algorithm

2. BitLocker Software works with TPM hardware component and corresponding “Trusted Computing Group (TCG) compliant BIOS”

Due to the above, if the laptop reaches wrong hands, it becomes impossible for a person to remove hard disk and attach it to another laptop to read the data. Above article contains additional details on this drive encryption technique – this works on Windows 7 and Windows 2008 OSs.

To find if BitLocker is enabled for a hard disk, use “Select Start > Control Panel > BitLocker Drive Encryption”. To find if TPM is present in a machine, search for “Select Start > Control Panel > System > Device Manager > Security Devices”. Both these are applicable in “Windows 7”.

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