Javassist – Load time reflective system for Java

Javassist – from JBoss Community.

Key Features:
1. Class library for editing bytecodes in Java
2. Define a new class at runtime and to modify a class file before the JVM loads it
3. Source Level abstraction – programmers can modify a class file without detailed knowledge of the Java bytecode
4. Applications of Javassist:
a. Aspect Oriented Programming – introducing new methods into a class and for inserting before/after/around advice at the both caller and callee sides
b. Runtime Reflection – Use a metaobject to control method calls on base-level objects
c. Remote Method Invocation – Enables applets to call a method on a remote object running on the web server. Unlike the Java RMI, the programmer does notneed a stub compiler such as rmic; the stub code is dynamically produced by Javassist

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