15 point tests for Browser Compatiability

Nice post listing all checks to be performed to ensure a Web Based application works across Browsers

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Browser Compatibility

This blog may be useful for you if  you have encountered that your team:

  • is getting Production bug reproducible on specific browser(s)
  • has missed important Browser Compatibility test cases
  • is new to Browser compatibility
  • has to ensure testing coverage on multiple browser

This check list can be used to check if your Browser compatibility test cases are covering all aspects of Browser compatibility. You can also use this check list as a basis for Exploratory/Adhoc testing. Please let me know if you have few items which could be added to this list.

Browser Compatibility Checklist


Common Issues

Brief Description


Browser 1

Browser 2


CSS Rendering

Verify that fonts are consistent throughout the browser.




Java Script Interpreting

Verify Java Scripts are usable by the browsers under test?
-> Execute the functionality which invokes popups.




Browser Hi-jacking

Verify that clicking a link, does…

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