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R Setup in Ubuntu

R is a statistical package to analyze data. I came across this framework while exploring Hortonworks Hadoop Data Platform and want to list down the steps to setup R – Steps on how to use R is not covered here:

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Virtualization Technologies

There are many virtualization technologies are available in the market today, some of them are OpenVZ, Xen, KVM and VMware, you can understand about all these technologies. OpenVZ: It is an operating system level virtualization technology based on linux kernel and

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15 point tests for Browser Compatiability

Originally posted on Mahesh Mathpal's Blogs:
This blog may be useful for you if  you have encountered that your team: is getting Production bug reproducible on specific browser(s) has missed important Browser Compatibility test cases is new to Browser…

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Automated Sharepoint 2013 Deployment on Amazon Web Services

Automated Sharepoint 2013 Deployment on Amazon Web Services Contains article on how to deploy Sharepoint 2013 Deployment on Amazon Web Services – contains references to how the PowerShell scripts (created for Microsoft Azure) were reused while setting up the sharepoint farm

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