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Azure Service Disruption in Feb 2012

Azure Service Disruption in Feb 2012 Cloud Platform is continuously evolving… I chanced upon this very well written article on “Microsoft Azure’s Service Disruption in Feb 2012” due to “Leap Year Bug”, it’s root cause analysis and next steps taken to prevent

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Create Org Chart in MS-Visio using Org Structure data from MS-Excel

Create Org Chart in MS-Visio using Org Structure data from MS-Excel Contains steps on how to create organizational chart in Visio using data present in MS-Excel Thanks to Stephanie Krieger – the above documentation helped avoid spending hours of

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New “Cool” Thin Films from Honeywell helps Solar Panels operate more efficiently – contains details about the HON product for Solar Panels Quote from the above page “… PowerShield® Cool Black is a backsheet that helps reduce solar panel operating temperature by using an innovative and proprietary technology that reflects solar radiation. When

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